Most Australians have some form of investment be that a home, superannuation, shares or a more complex portfolio, but the truth is, few really maximise the returns on these investments.

small-invest37.2% of Australians have a mortgage¹ and for many of us, a mortgage is the largest debt we have and the payments form our largest monthly expense. Wouldn’t it be nice if that mortgage could be paid down quicker or even better, removed altogether? Think of the additional money you would have for either today or to save for tomorrow without this recurring payment.

Whether the above applies to you or not we all work hard for our money so wouldn’t it be nice if you could make your money work harder for you?

A financial planner or financial advisor can do just this for you. Puddle 2 Pond Financial on the NSW South Coast are specialists in investment advice, from specific questions on areas such as superannuation, to generating broad plans to help you to achieve your financial goals.

So whether you:

  • have multiple super funds and want to consolidate them,
  • have a mortgage and would like a debt-reduction strategy to pay it down quicker,
  • need general financial advice as to how you can do a bit more with your money,
  • want to look at wealth creation and protection strategies through maximising superannuation and minimising tax payments,
  • or just want to spread the risk amongst your portfolio of investments…

…Puddle 2 Pond Financial can help you with all of your investment needs whether you are in the Illawarra or Shoalhaven, in Wollongong or in Nowra. Call us now to find out more.

¹Source: Banking Day 16.12.11  

This website contains general information only. It does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider the appropriateness of the information in light of your personal circumstances.

Puddle 2 Pond Financial Pty Limited, ABN 14 159 325 603, is an Authorised Representative and Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited, Australian Financial Services Licensee and Australian Credit Licensee.

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